EcoInvent Database

License the renowned database for Product/Service Environmental Analysis

The renowned Ecoinvent  Life Cycle inventory (LCI) is probably the most extensive and trusted database Worldwide. Now available in Version 3.0, Carbon Footprint Ltd provides full licence options for this essential tool.

ecoinvent_1.jpg Why do you need EcoInvent?

  • Enables your Integrated Product Policy (IPP), Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Management (LCM), Design for Environment (DfE).
  • Can be integrated within LCA software – including Carbon Footprint’s LifeCycle Tracker
  • Easy access, so that datasets can be searched using different parameters (e.g.categories, search terms, etc.).
  • Authoritative– Leading LCI database, with consistent and transparent data of known quality.

What do you get?

  • Single/multi-user licence 
  • Unlimited use for 12 months (renewable) 
  • Over 9,000 international industrial life cycle data records.
  • Data coverage of energy supply, resource extraction, material supply, chemicals,metals, agriculture, waste management services, and transport services.

ecoinvent3.jpgWhy buy from Carbon Footprint Ltd

Expert support - We can assist you with all aspects of product/service environmental impact 

Cost effective & easy to use tools - Our LifeCycle Tracker tools are designed to use EcoInvent data to complete your Life Cycle Analysis

Assurance - We can provide independent verification of your Life Cycle Analyses including PAS2050.

Need to purchase a just a small set EcoInvent lifecycle factors?

Our unique On-line Emission Factor tool enables you to 

  • Search & purchase factors one by one, saving you cost of buying the full database.   
  • Search & download other international database factors

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