Carbon Footprint Standard

Demonstrate your true low carbon credentials

Why you need the Carbon Footprint Standard

Join hundreds of our clients to achieve the standard.

  • Demonstrate your environmental credentials
  • Enhance your market reputation
  • Meet increasing supply chain tender needs
  • Achieve positive PR and create marketing opportunities
  • Motivate your employees
  • Engage with your customers, shareholders & other stakeholders

What is the Carbon Footprint Standard?

  • Unified and independent
  • Recognises all stages of carbon management - from assessment, to carbon reductions and carbon neutrality
  • Applicable to organisations / businesses
  • Applicable to products / services
  • Aligned with international best practice / standards such as ISO 14064, Publicly Available Specification 2050 (PAS 2050) and Publicly Available Specification 2060 (PAS 2060)

How to get the Carbon Footprint Standard

Our straightforward process requires you to demonstrate your carbon credentials whether you 

  • Have implemented your own programme
  • Used a third party
  • Need us to help you develop your carbon credentials


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