Energy Management

Cost, Carbon & Compliance

Whether you need support purely for compliance (e.g. Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, ESOS) or you are actively seeking to address energy spend in your business, we can provide you with the right level of support.


Why do it?

  • Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) - your legal requirement as a large trading organisation
  • Carbon Reduction Commitment(CRC) - tax on your energy consumption
  • Climate Change Agreement (CCA) - payments for exceeding your allocation
  • Cost benefits - implementation frequently brings 20% plus energy cost savings with payback periods less than 2 years


How we support you

  • ESOS Lead assessor services
  • Energy survey/audit services - for buildings, transport and other assets
  • Display Energy Certificates (DECs)
  • ISO 50001 - Preparation for certification, internal auditing and ongoing management support
  • Energy policy, strategy and  smart target setting
  • Implementation - investment grade audits, project management etc. 
Helping you to help yourselves Our experts can fully manage your projects. We are also equally happy to project manage and train your staff to be able to be able to undertake more work yourselves to help manage your cost and build internal skills.

Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)



Our Expert Team

Our highly experienced team includes
  • ESOS lead assessors
  • CIBSE low carbon assessors
  • IEMA qualified consultants



Carbon Footprint’s team identified a number of areas where we can cut our emissions within our warehouse, facilities and offices. Just the no cost and low cost recommendations alone will cut energy costs by over 5% with a payback from cost savings in 1 year. I would strongly recommend Carbon Footprint to other companies looking to take their carbon management to the next level.”

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