Global Portfolio


Select the Global Portfolio and your carbon offsetting will be used to support projects around the World 

All offset projects in the Clean Energy Portfolio are verified to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).


Our projects are selected predominantly within developing countries, where they assist carbon emission reduction as well as bringing local community benefits and typically comprise


  • Wind-power renewable energy generation
  • Small-scale hydropower installation energy generation
  • Biomass Projects
  • Landfill Gas Projects 

Bantargebang Landfill Gas Management & Power


Mariposas Hydroelectric Project


YESIL Hydroelectric Power Plant

  • Type: Land Fill Gas Power Generation
  • Location: Indonesia, Asia
  • Standard: VCS
  • Reference: VCS 967
  • Est. Reductions: 708,300 tCO2e per year
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  • Type: Small Hydro Power
  • Location: Chile, South America
  • Standard: VCS
  • Reference: VCS 819
  • Est. Reductions: 21,000 tCO2e per year
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  • Type: Small Hydro Power
  • Location: Turkey, Europe
  • Standard: VCS
  • Reference: VCS 806
  • Est. Reductions: 27,000 tCO2e per year
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Bundled Wind Power Project in Tamilnadu, India


Fuhui Inner Mongolia Tugurige 49.5MW Wind Farm Project


Cai Be Rice Husk Thermal Energy Generation Project 

  • Type: Wind Power
  • Location: India, Asia
  • Standard: VCS
  • Reference: VCS 249
  • Est. Reductions: 758,093 tCO2e per year
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  • Type: Wind Power
  • Location: China, Asia
  • Standard: VCS
  • Reference: VCS 609
  • Est. Reductions: 126,319 tCO2e per year
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  • Type: Biomass Power
  • Location: Vietnam, Asia
  • Standard: VCS
  • Reference: VCS 589
  • Est. Reductions: 126,319 tCO2e per year
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Following a carbon footprint calculation, these Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) registered projects meet the requirements under the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) for Carbon Offsetting. 

More information on the QAS/ Watch the Video 

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