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Carbon Labelling for your Products & Services

Need to know the carbon impact of your product or service for winning tenders, differentiate your brand in the marketplace, or gathering information for Carbon Labelling?

We specialise in carbon life cycle assessment (LCA) to provide robust independent assessment to meet your client needs and fit with your budget. Our LifeCycle Tracker TM tools also provide a route for you to assess your own. Depending on your business's profile, you may also be eligible for funded support.   


We provide two different approaches to LCA, providing you with

  • Full assessment of the GHG emissions of your products or services2012lifecycletracker1.jpg
  • Full report with a breakdown of your product emissions
  • Dedicated support during the data collection process
  • Experience and support to reduce your product emissions after the assessment
  • Marketing support
  • Business-to-customer and business-to-business approach available
  • Full project management as required


PAS 2050

We offer Life Cycle Analysis to PAS 2050, which is the most widely recognised specification for GHG life cycle assessment, at national and international level, and will soon become an ISO standard. 

By assessing your product or service emissions towards this specification, you will also receive the Carbon Footprint Standard endorsement, to help you to promote and to display on your product, packaging and marketing materials. 

We recommend this approach if your main aim is to differentiate your brand from your competitors, meet your supply chain needs and/or win tenders.


Low cost LCA

Carbon Footprint Ltd offers a low cost alternative to traditional LCA, so that you can assess your product or service carbon footprint at a fraction of the cost of a traditional LCA. 

We guarantee our procedures are robust and the results will help your company reduce the emissions and costs associated to your products or services.

We especially recommend this approach if your main aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of your products or services and cut production costs.


Carbon neutrality

Claim your product or service is carbon neutral by offsetting the carbon emissions associated to its life cycle. We offer support in drafting carbon management plans, a full range of high quality carbon offsets, as well as marketing support to help you to boost your sales by proving your product or service is greener than that of your competitors.


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