Carbon Footprint Associates Programme

Make sure your customers know you care about the environment, by including carbon offsetting or tree planting as part of your total product / service package.

What is an Associate?

  • Partner with Carbon Footprint
  • Enables you to make tree planting or carbon offsetting part of your product or service
  • Enables you to market your company as being environmentally responsible
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to administrate
  • Work with a trusted premium environmental brand


We offer a tailored solution to meet your individual needs

Planting Trees In Kenya
  • Tailored offset / tree planting solutions for your product or service to reduce your effect on the environment.
  • Full management of tree planting and offsetting
  • Personalised certificates sent directly to your customers
  • Carbon Footprint logo / branding endorsement
  • Links and your logo on our website
  • Easy monthly invoicing system


It’s Quick and Easy to become a Carbon Footprint associate

  • We can get your scheme up and running within days
  • We can provide you marketing materials on the tree / offset project – for use on your web site and brochures etc.