International Electricity Factors

The international country level grid electricity factors are suitable for organisations reporting their carbon emissions. These emissions factors have been collated from numerous sources by Carbon Footprint Ltd to make it easier for organisations and individuals to measure and report their emissions from international electricity sources.

The carbon emissions per kWh of electricity vary from country to country. They depend on the specific fuels used to make the energy. Countries that use a high percentage of fossil fuels for electricity production will, in general, have a higher level of carbon emissions per unit of electricity produced than those that use more renewable and nuclear energy.

The emissions factors published by Carbon Footprint Ltd are open source and can be referenced for your company reporting. The factors are built into the carbon calculator tools on this website - see free online carbon calculators.

If you feel we are missing the factor for your country, and you know of a credible citable source (e.g. government provided), then please Contact Us, so we can add it to future releases.

Note: The Production Mix factors published here are for Location Based greenhouse gas reporting. For Market Based greenhouse gas reporting please use factors provided by your electricity provider, which account for the specific fuel mix used in your specific electricity supply. If these are unavailable or are not provided by your electricity provider, Residual Mix factors are published here for most European countries.




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Grid Electricity Conversion Factors Publications

2023 07 International Factors- release v1.1.xlsx (Released September 2023)- These factors are currently used in our online carbon calculators 

Past factors:

2022 07 International Factors - release v1.0

Country Specific Electricity Factors: 2021 v1.0

Country Specific Electricity Factors: 2020 v1.4

 Country Specific Electricity Factors: 2019 v1.0

Country Specific Electricity Factors : 2018 v1.0 

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