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Services & tools to calculate the environmental impact of your product

Consumers and businesses are now aware of the environmental impacts of their product and supply choices. Increased coverage of sustainability issues has helped to put this to the forefront of decision making. A product footprint assessment can help you to understand and reduce the environmental impact of your product(s) and help you to differentiate your brand. Moreover, offsetting the emissions associated with your product will certify it as ‘Carbon Neutral’, differentiating your brand in a competitive marketplace.

Product Footprint Appraisals  complete life cycle assessments of carbon emissions, and should now be an integral part of any new product development. By assessing the environmental impacts of a product throughout its entire life cycle, you will be able to identify 'hot-spots' for cost and emission reductions and engineer them out, by choice of material and supplier source   as well as support in developing environmental product declarations.

As part of a product footprint, we can provide you with:product_lifecycle_infographic.png

  • An assessment of the environmental footprint of your products 
  • Detailed report with a breakdown of your product emissions / footprint
  • Support during the data collection process and marketing
  • Recommendations to reduce your product emissions / footprint after the assessment
  • Complying with supply chain and tendering requirements
  • If you offset as well, bring a ‘Carbon Neutral Product’ to market


Sustrax Product Footprint Software

User friendly & cost effective software to determine the product footprint of your product ranges and individual product lines, without the fuss.



A product footprint can be provided through two different approaches:

The Carbon Footprint Standard - We offer a low cost alternative to a traditional assessment of life cycle emissions which follows the principles of the GHG protocol. The results of the assessment will help your company to reduce the emissions and costs associated with your product. Following the assessment you will be licensed to use the Carbon Footprint Standard Assessed Product logo:


We recommend this approach if your main aim is to achieve carbon emission reductions in your products footprint and to identify opportunities to reduce costs.

ISO 14067:2018- The ISO 14067:2018 standard is an internationally recognised specification for product life cycle assessments.

We recommend a standardised approach if you have strong supply chain requirements.

We can also provide you with bespoke software tools to track and measure your products carbon footprint through our Product Footprint Tracker.

Product Carbon Neutrality 

After completing a product footprint, make your product carbon neutral by offsetting the associated carbon emissions. We offer a wide range of high quality carbon offsetting projects along with support in drafting carbon management plans and marketing.


Other Services

Other areas of your product footprint that can be assessed include:

  • Water footprint
  • Plastic footprint
  • Fossil fuel footprint
  • Land use footprint 
  • Sustainable sourcing (wood, palm oil, toxic chemicals, ozone etc)

Tailored support is available on request depending on level of requirement. Contact us to find out more.

For those wanting to complete their own assessments, we can help by providing you with methodologies and/or suitable emission factors. We also offer third party verifications of the assessments to bring confidence in your calculations and to enable you to use the carbon footprint standard logo.

Our Industry Experience

We have experience working with a wide range of industries to assess their product footprints including:








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"[The] study has been fantastic for us as it gives the quantitative data we require to show our NHS customers how U-drain reduces plastic waste astronomically compared to current practice."  - Ged Murphy, Managing Director, U-Drain Ltd

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