Carbon Management Planning

The secret to the success of any carbon programme is a robust Carbon Management Plan

With a Carbon Management Plan in place, your organisation will have clarity of direction and well defined set of projects that will enable you to meet your commercial goal (cost saving and revenue generating), meet compliance/supply chain requirements and employee engagement. In short, this sets you up to be a better business.

Carbon Footprint Ltd assists works with organisations to define and implement these plans. 

What is a Carbon Management Plan?

A carbon management plan is a documented strategy and set of actions to help an organisation meet their carbon reduction objectives. Typically it will include a summary of previous carbon footprint assessments, carefully identifed carbon reduction targets and defined actions to achieve the goals set by the organisation.

The carbon management plan will usually be signed off by a senior member of the management board to demonstrate the importance of the carbon management programme.

Carbon Management Planning Consultancy

Our expert team can help you through each step of the way, from initial facilitation of workshops, through to conducting reviews and change management of solutions. 

  • Building Confidence - we bring our expert carbon & change management know-how to your business  
  • Efficiency - we will help you to accelerate your carbon programme 
  • Bringing Innovation - fresh ideas to empower up your programme


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