Homework Footprint

The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed homeworking on a huge number of employees across all sectors globally.  Although homeworking is not at all new, this is the first time that such a large proportion of staff have needed to work off site and poses new challenges to measuring and reporting an accurate carbon footprint -  in both compliance and voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting regimes.

It now looks likely that homeworking - for some -  will be an enduring change that will outlast the pandemic and therefore your organisation should be actively measuring and managing its Homework Footprint going forward.  

We share our investigations of the Homework Footprint - recorded by Dr Wendy Buckley from her homework station during lockdown .

Here we also compare the carbon footprint implications of working from home v. working in the office.


Homework Footprint assessment now comes as standard as part of our Carbon Footprint Appraisal service.   


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