Business Carbon Footprint Appraisals

Mandatory Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting ready Assessments to track your organisation's carbon footprint. Over 40 countries across Europe, US/North America, Asia, South Pacific etc have GHG Reporting, now is the time for action. 

  • Increase Sales – Supports customer tender action requirements
  • Reduce Cost – Save energy & other operational costs
  • Target Setting -   including Science Based Targets to specifically address climate change mitigation 
  • Compliance – Prepare your business for Mandatory GHG Reporting  & other legislation, meet supply chain requirements
  • Market differentiation – Enhances your business & brand’s sustainability credentials, brings PR opportunities
  • Stakeholder management – Helps meet CSR objectives, enhances staff morale -helps attract/retain employees & attracts investors.


Our assessments use industry best practice/standards such as the WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and ISO14064-1. They are also underpinned by the use of internationally recognised emissions factors databases.  Reports are available in formats suitable for Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting across multiple jurisdictions ( including SECR in UK and SEC in US) and other voluntary reporting needs (such as CDP).     

The first step of any organisation's sustainability/carbon management programme is to gain an independent & thorough understanding of its current green-house gas (GHG) emissions. Our carbon footprint business appraisals provide a comprehensive assessment, identifying current major emission sources and opportunities for savings in the future.


What your organisation will get 

An experienced carbon management consultant

Fast and efficient service

Support in data collection process

Detailed calculation report

Breakdown of your organisations carbon footprint

Recommendations on next steps for your carbon management

Carbon Footprint Standard to market your business with

Carbon management support for a whole year following the assessment

Carbon offset recommendations to help you become carbon neutral

The Carbon Footprint Standard

When we complete your business’s Carbon Footprint appraisal, you will be awarded the Carbon Footprint Standard, as having assessed your emissions to recognised international methodologies. Our distinctive branding will demonstrate your environmental commitments & bring business value.


Get the standard for your business


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