Avoid the fines & boost the bottom line

Sustainability Made Practical - Breakfast Meeting (FREE)

Tuesday 3 June, 08:30-11:00am

Faculty of Engineering & Computing, Coventry University Technology Park, Coventry, CV1 5FB

Businesses - including SMEs and Corporate organisations- are increasingly realising the need to develop 'green' credentials to grow sales and boost confidence in their businesses, particularly as they participate in corporate supply chains and within public sector tenders.
This session will address the business opportunities that the low carbon & sustainability agenda provides and how you can: 
  • Improve your Company/brand perception for competitive edge and profitability
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Enhance your reputation and make you an attractive business to work for/with
  • Help you prepare for upcoming legislation and increased taxation regimes 
The session will also introduce regional funding & grants available to address sustainability in your organisation including:
  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System - expected in many public and corporate supply chains
  • Reducing costs associated with energy, carbon and waste
  • Identification of capital projects and support with funding them, such as renewable energy
  • Advice on green legislation and taxes

Speakers include

  • Katie Elmer, Carbon Footprint Ltd  - Making sustainability a key business priority
  • Pat Laughlin, CEO, Midlands Environmental Business Club (MEBC) - SME Success Case Studies
  • Victor Parrilla, Carbon Footprint Ltd - Sustainability projects that give you an immediate impact
  • Sunil Vara, Ecobusiness WM - Overview of funding and application process
  • Alan Carr, Sustainability West Midlands - Business resilience & climate change adaptation

Who is this meeting for?
Managing directors, marketing/business development managers, sustainability/ CSR managers  and operations managers within SME and Corporates businesses across the UK.


You will also be able to register interest for matched funding towards your projects at the end of the session.

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