Clean Energy Portfolio Projects

Changtan Hydro Power Project

Guizhou Province , China

Project Description

The Changtan Hydro Power Project in Guizhou Province is a small-scale reservoir-based hydropower project in China. The total installed capacity of the Project will be 5MW, consisting of two 2.5MW turbines, with a predicted power supply of 19,501MWh per annum. The Project will utilise the hydrological resources of the Shiqian River in a small scale hydropower facility that will generate low emissions electricity for the South China Power Grid. The electricity currently generated by the grid is relatively carbon intensive.

The Project is expected to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) by an estimated 16,447 t CO2e per year during the first crediting period.


The Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS)


Other Social and Sustainability Benefits

The project is contributing to sustainable development:

  • Increases employment opportunities in the area where the project locality
  • Enhances the local investment environment and therefore improves the local economy
  • Diversifies the sources of electricity generation, which is important for meeting growing energy demands and the transition away from diesel and coal-supplied electricity generation
  • Makes greater use of renewable hydroelectric resources
  • Contributes to poverty alleviation through income and employment generation by employing people throughout the project operation.

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