Clean Energy Portfolio Projects

Wind Farm

Rajasthan, India

Project Description

60 MW wind power project in the Indian state of Rajasthan to provide reliable, renewable power to the Rajasthan state electricity grid which is part of the Northern regional electricity grid. The project will lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions because it displaces electricity from fossil fuel based electricity generation plants.

The Project harness renewable resources in the region, and thereby displacing non-renewable natural resources and ultimately leading to sustainable economic and environmental development


The Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS)


Other Social and Sustainability Benefits

The project is contributing to sustainable development:

  • contribution towards the incremental capacity from renewable sources
  • contribution towards meeting the electricity deficit in Rajasthan
  • CO2 abatement and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through development of renewable technology
  • reducing the average emission intensity (SOx, NOx, PM, etc.), average effluent intensity and average solid waste intensity of power generation in the system
  • conserving natural resources including land, forests, minerals, water and ecosystems; and
  • developing the local economy and create jobs and employment, particularly in rural areas, which is a priority concern for the Government of India

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