CO2 Zoo

Providing corporate sustainability teams with free to use access to the leading online database for carbon offset projects around the world


Whether you need to offset 5000 tonnes or over 1 million tonnes then CO2 Zoo lets you search the full market for projects that best suit your business needs

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CO2 Zoo allows you to easily and quickly search for projects in specific countries and locations, specific styles of projects and specific standards (e.g. Gold Standard CERs, Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) etc.)

Step 1: Visit and create an account
Step 2: Once your account access has been approved, you can browse the database freely
Step 3: Found something you like the look of? Contact us to request more information and prices for the quantities you need
Step 4: Quantities and prices are confirmed via email and if you would like to buy, we can hold the credits whilst you get final sign off and a Purchase Order raised
Step 5: The credits are bought for you, and can either be transferred into one of your registry accounts (if you have your own) or retired on you behalf

High quality marketing materials, including photographs and project descriptions are available for all these projects, with many having high quality video footage too.

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