Tell your friends, staff, customers about your actions and results

You have completed a number of steps (or maybe even the whole carbon management journey) - it is now vital that you share your news and achievements with your teams, clients and stakeholders 

Why should you communicate?

  • Show your leadership and encourage others to join you in the battle against climate change
  • To motivate your teams
  • To demonstrate your low carbon credentials to like minded businesses and stakeholders

What should you communicate?

  • Your carbon footprint results 
  • Your actions so far and plans going forward
  • Your carbon reduction goals
  • Your carbon neutrality credentials

Where to communicate?

  • On your website
  • On you marketing and PR materials
  • On your social media sites (e.g. Facebook and Twitter)
  • In internal company meeting
  • In sales meetings

When to communicate?

  • Frequently and as you reach different milestone stages of the carbon journey
  • Try to space the timings between your announcements throughout the carbon  footpriniting year and make them progressive throughout the year


Carbon Footprint Ltd can help you by providing expert sustainability marketing support.

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