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Options to provide carbon neutral electricity and gas energy tariffs

Choosing an environmentally responsible energy supplier is one of the biggest opportunities that householders and businesses have to reduce their carbon footprint. Carbon offsetting provides an ideal route for suppliers to compensate the emissions of their energy and to offer carbon neutral supplies. This can be done for only a few pounds on the price of a household's annual energy supply and remains cost neutral for you.

Why Carbon Offset your Customers' supplies

  • Consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of their household energy on their own carbon footprint and are looking for carbon neutral energy 
  • Renewable gas and electricity supplier are still quiet limited in the UK
  • Carbon Offsetting provides a means to compensate for the supply's carbon footprint -frequently by projects that also have humanitarian, biodiversity and the benefits in some of the World's most impoverished regions.
  • Carbon offsetting a family's annual supply costs form ca. £5 on an annual bill
  • Providing carbon neutral energy will enhance your brand and differentiate from competitors

Supporting Projects at Home and across the Globe

  • UK Tree Planting select from 12 mainland regions and also Northern Ireland. Planting in schools and wildlife reserves
  • Brazil Amazon - Avoided Deforestation  - supporting this most special and biodiverse region of the planet
  • Clean Water programmes - African community borehole projects, protecting health and climate and providing education
  • India renewable power programme - siupporting solar and wind projects in rural developing regions and providing employment

A straightforward and cost neutral option 

You can offer a carbon neutral option by adding only a very small premium to the price of your offerings. 

Why Carbon Offset with Carbon Footprint Ltd

  • Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) approved for your complete peace of mind
  • Access to fully global portfolio (our purchase power means that we will always provide a low price)
  • Expert & provide marketing materials to help you simply communicate with your clients 


International Carbon Offsetting

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International Tree Planting

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