Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

menu_esos.jpgThe Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) requires large organisations in the UK to undertake mandatory assessments looking at energy use and energy efficiency opportunities at least once every four years - and this must cover transport  as well as buildings and process energy usage.

ESOS is now in Phase 2 and the Environment Agency is actively encouraging businesses to get started with their energy audits to extract the full benefit of energy savings (ahead of the December 2019 deadline).   

The deadline for ESOS Phase 1 has now passed - and the Environment Agency has published a list organisations claiming compliance.  

The EA identified ca. 2400 organisations as potentially non-compliant as at December 2017.  They have gained 240 participants through serving Enforcement Notices. A further 190 Enforcement Notice cases are ongoing. The EA has also started civil penalties against a number of non-compliant organisations.

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On Receipt of an Enforcement Notice

  • You will have 3 months to complete the ESOS process and submit compliance
  • You will have 1 month to prove that you don't qualify for ESOS

If you do not respond, you will receive a Penalty Notice with

  • Initial fine of £5000
  • Daily penalties, all the while your organisation remains non-compliant

Fines are not payable immediately - these may be waived if your organisation has a strong defence regarding why it has not complied to date. 

Carbon Footprint Ltd has been completing large numbers of ESOS compliance projects for our clients since 1 Jan 15

Our highly streamlined process to deliver cost effective ESOS compliance rapidly, without compromise

Our Clients that have been selected for Environment Agency audit have already Passed

Our wide breadth of experience across all industry sectors assures quality insights 

Assistance with Environment Agency compliance declaration

If you know you haven't complied (and know you must) but not got an Enforcement Notice from the EA you MUST as matter of urgency email the EA and advise them of your Late Compliance.

You will also need to complete the Intent to Comply portal with details of what you have done so far, your reason for being late and also the date by which you will comply. Penalties could be issued, though we understand that the EA will be lenient with those communicate and demonstrate progress etc.  




Our team of highly experienced energy and carbon consultants provide full & flexible cost effective support to assure your compliance with ESOS. Whether you 'just' need us to supply an ESOS Lead Assessor (and can do all the rest of the work yourself) or you need us to undertake more activities, we can support you, your way.


  • ESOS Lead Assessor only support -  If you have sufficient internal resource to take on & implement our recommendations   

  • ESOS Strategy - We can evaluate the best approach for your business to meet requirements, within your budgetary constraints and business objectives 

  • ESOS Awareness - Workshop based sessions for your team to understand your exposure and how ESOS fits with your other carbon reporting and energy management programme

  • ESOS Scoping - Consultant led sessions to determine the extent of sites/transport that you need to include for your business situation. We'll help you work out which activities you have done that count towards compliance, what you can do yourselves and what support you will need to comply

  • Energy Assessments - Full on-site assessments of your qualifying buildings/operations and also transport. Full documentation as evidence packs 
    for ESOS         

  • ISO 50001 Gap analysis and consultation - We can help you evaluate whether ISO 50001  certification provides a viable route to ESOS compliance. Via Gap Analysis and documentation support, we can support you through to external audit.
    ISO 50001 services


Who is affected?

  • Organisations that employ at least 250 people, or employs fewer than 250 people but has an annual turnover in excess of €50 million AND an annual balance sheet in excess of €43 million. 
  • This includes some organisations that may not recognise themselves as traditional businesses, i.e. not-for-profit bodies outside the public sector, so long as they are large enough to meet the qualifying criteria.

What to do to comply?

Most businesses will need to undertake an ESOS Assessment, to include the following:

  • Measurement of total energy consumption for buildings, industrial processes and transport
  • Identification of areas of significant energy consumption, that account for at least 90% of your total energy consumption
  • Appoint a ‘Lead Energy Assessor’ to oversee the ESOS Assessment
  • Conduct detail energy audits to identify cost-effective energy efficiency solutions for high consumption areas
  • Notify Environment Agency of your compliance


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    EA Guidelines






    Your ESOS assessment must be reviewed by a Board level Director and approved by a ESOS Lead Assessor prior to reporting compliance to the Environment Agency.

    ESOS will take account of some other energy management activities, e.g. ISO 50001, Green Deal Assessments (GDAs), Display Energy Certificates (DECs)  . However, you will still require a qualified Lead Energy Assessor to confirm these activities have met the minimum standards required (e.g. including transport energy if it is 10% or more of your energy use) before you can notify the Environment Agency of your compliance.


    What happens if you do nothing?

    There are penalties for failure to comply include:-

    • Failure to notify the EA of compliance - £5,000 plus £500 per working day you remain in breach
    • Failure to maintain adequate records - £5,000 plus sum equivalent to compliance body costs
    • Failure to conduct an adequate energy audit - £50,000 - plus £500 per working day you remain in breach


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