Funding for your Sustainability Programme


There are several good sources of money to help you (and help your business case). These vary over time, but below are some good current funding projects and eligibility of projects & organisations. Note - European (ERDF) funded are fully committed and, despite the UK 'Brexit' decision, will run the course. Get the funding while you still can.


Some example programmes  


  • Bristol Community Energy Fund - £2,000-£10,000 for energy efficiency, housing associations, community groups/charities
  • Low Carbon Across the South East (LOCASE) - up to £10,000 for low carbon/energy efficient projects including consultancy & capital costs for SMEs (ERDF funded) 

  • Resource Efficiency Scotland - up to £100,000 loans. Interest free unless Feed In Tariff (FIT) or Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) being claimed 

  • Plug in electric car & van grant - Across UK  up to £8,000.
  • Plug in vehicle charge points - Across UK 75% of cost (max £500 per vehicle).  
  • Ealing Council smart business grant - up to £5,000 for SMEs for energy effficiency
  • Welsh Government & European Commission - up to £5,000 for farmers' landowners for carbon efficiency etc
  • Resilient Communities Fund - up to £20,000. North Scotland and Central Southern England for community groups, not for profit companies to fund power/energy equipment for severe weather conditions 
  • Feed In Tariff (FIT) - Payments for a range of renewable energy options (including but not limited to Solar PV) of up to 5MW across UK 


Download List with details & hyperlinks  


What if my business is not eligible?

Carbon Footprint Ltd's programmes are extremely cost effective and we are highly confident that you will make a good return on your investment.
Merely from a operational stance, every tonne of CO2 that is saved could save your business up to £240 per person per annum (this equates to £24,000 for a 100 person SME business).  From a competitive sales opportunity and risk reduction perspective, the benefits may be much higher.   


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