Improved Household Charcoal Stoves in Ghana


  • Type: Household Cookstoves
  • Location: Ghana, Africa
  • Standard: GS VER
  • Reference: GS 413
  • Est. Reductions: 65,563 tCO2e per year



Fuel wood and charcoal meet approximately 75% of Ghana’s fuel requirements. Approximately 69% of all urban households in Ghana use charcoal. The project described here will reduce greenhouse emissions by disseminating fuel-efficient charcoal stoves.

The improved charcoal stove reduces fuel consumption by introduction of a ceramic liner that increases combustion efficiency and retains heat. The stove consists of hourglass shaped metal cladding with perforated interior ceramic liner that allows ash to fall to the collection chamber at the base. A thin layer of cement is placed between the cladding and the liner to bind the two. During use, a single pot rests at the top the stove. Based on the fuel savings number determined during the Kitchen Performance Tests (KPTs) performed by Berkeley Air Monitoring Group, the stove is 33% more fuel-efficient than traditional methods, though a ceramic liner has the potential to improve fuel-efficiency by up to 50%.

Social and Sustainability Benefits

This project is strongly contributing to sustainable development:
  • Improvements of air quality for families through reduction of Carbon Monoxide
  • Livelihood circumstances will be improved since the improved stoves reduce fuel costs. On average, a medium household stove user saves about $24 per year Biodiversity will be improved through the stove program, reducing pressure on remaining forest reserves
  • The improved stoves give rise to employment opportunities for enterprises manufacturing, distributing, retailing, and maintaining the stoves

Improved Health Reduced household costs Job Creation 



Following a QAS approved carbon footprint calculation, this projects meets the requirements under the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) for Carbon Offsetting. As part of this we are audited to ensure all offsets sold are retired on appropriate registries within 12 months of you purchasing.

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