Green Claims Support

Assuring that your claims meet with latest legislation & guidelines allowing you to differentiate your business confidently

Climate change is a fast moving issue - it's one all responsible businesses wish to respond to doing as much as they can within their businesses, supply chains and beyond their value chains to abate.   It's also something that businesses should be proud of doing and that they should be able to promote confidently and enjoy the competitive advantage.


Marketing your green business claims however is not always straightforward. Unfortunately in the past some businesses have been too keen to promote their 'carbon friendly'  credentials with little evidence to back it up, causing customer confusion at best and distrust at worst. This is patently unfair to all those businesses on genuine net zero pathways for their businesses and product/service offerings.

Carbon Footprint is delighted that the ASA and European Parliament is taking actions to strengthen their guidelines/rules on green marketing claims - protecting both customers and businesses have have genuine carbon reduction & management programmes in place.

We realise that  - even for a business with the most extensive carbon management programme in place  - it's possible to claims and messaging to get out-dated  or 'lost in translation' somewhere between your technical team, marketing colleagues and your external marketing/PR agencies. 

That is why we provide Green Claims Support to help you navigate your way through and make sure you optimise your messaging and claims, whilst avoiding any green-wash.

Green Claims Support - What You Will Get 

  • Support Year Round
  • Environmental consultant led - to ensure factual accuracy
  • Audit of your existing (carbon elated) marketing collateral
  • Ad-hoc review of new marketing collateral

You can access Green Claims Support whether you are a client of Carbon Footprint Ltd for other carbon/environment related services or not. 

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