Clean Water For Central America

Providing Clean Drinking Water to Families in Honduras



The project is focused on providing clean drinking water to households in the Republic of Honduras.

The “NativeEnergy Hydraid BioSand Water Filter Programme Central America” aims to reduce wood fuel consumption used for domestic/non-residential water treatment by introducing zero energy BioSand water filter technology to replace the use of boiling. NativeEnergy, an American social enterprise manufactures and distributes the Hydraid BioSand water filter in an effort to provide households in the developing world with convenient and affordable access to safe drinking water. The project reduces GHG emissions associated with the consumption of biomass for wood fuel traditionally used to boil drinking water.
The project is distributing approximately 1375 filters across Honduras. The project technology is based on patented technology and diligent research. The filter distributor, possesses a global network of partners for installation, education, maintenance and support and has the potential to bring the same health gains seen in US cities in the early 20th century to individuals, families and communities in developing countries, with the potential to save a million or more lives annually.

The water filter consists of enclosed layers of sand, gravel and a biological surface layer that consumes pathogens to clean water. It has no moving parts and is powered by gravity. The water filter has a conservative lifetime of 10 years.

The Hydraid unit offers an affordable, efficient and easy-to-use alternative for water purification within the areas in which the project activity is located.

  • The benefits of the BioSand Water Filter include:
  • Proven removal of parasites, viruses and bacteria;
  • High user acceptability, due to ease of use and minimal effect on water taste;
  • Includes materials that are locally sourced;
  • One-time installation with minimal maintenance needed; and
  • Long life (10+ years).


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