Guatemala Water Filtration and Cookstove

Enhancing health and well being of Guatemala households




The project is focused on providing clean drinking water and efficient cookstoves to households in Guatemala 

One of the major causes of deforestation in Guatemala is the harvesting of wood for cooking, heating, and water treatment. In addition to the environmental and health consequences associated with cooking with a traditional wood-burning stove, many Guatemalan women and children spend much of their time gathering fuel, instead of putting that time toward more productive purposes.

In Guatemala water contamination leads to 1 in 20 children not reaching the age of 5 due to stomach illness.

This project will promote the distribution of improved energy- saving wood stoves and safe water treatment devices in Guatemala. The project will primarily work through local organizations, such as Socorro Maya and Ecofiltro to reach rural and peri-urban households with more efficient cooking and water treatment technologies that will reduce fuel use and improve health.

The project will distribute improved stoves and water treatment devices and will invest revenues from carbon finance into subsidies, social marketing, and the development of robust distribution channels.


Providing clean drinking water Health Benefits Reducing Deforestation Reducing Carbon Emissions





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