Health & Safety Audit

Once you have a health and safety system, it is good practice to have health and safety audits undertaken to ensure all legislation is adhered to, full training for employees is available, all documentation and procedures required is in place and that best practices are being undertaken.

Health and Safety audits for businesses include:

  • On-site audit of your health and safety system
  • Reviewing documentation –
    • Risk assessments - Determining if risk assessment has been fully completed, including all risks identified and inclusion of opportunities to reduce risks.
    • Policy
    • Legislation Register
    • Training logs
    • Accident books
  • Determination of training and competence of staff including:
    • Understanding the general knowledge of Health & Safety system by employees
    • Checking the number of first aiders in the business and if it is a appropriate
    • Checking fire safety training of wardens, including specific company/office knowledge of their role in case of a fire.
    • Ensure require training is provided e.g. manual handling, working at height
  • Reviewing procedures
  • Written report of findings from audit including recommendations

Benefits of our H&S audits

  • Beneficial to have a independent auditor as it introduces a new perspective to your system
  • Can ensure all legislation is being followed
  • Ensures all relevant training has been identified and provided
  • Allows evaluation of your system and improvements to be identified


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