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Our Corporate Carbon Footprint Calculator tools are suitable for your private or public sector needs. The tools are hosted by Carbon Footprint and seamlessly integrate into your intranet / internet / extranet based web-sites, ensuring that information is kept up to date.


Benefits of our Corporate Footprint Calculator Tools

  • Fuss free iframe design fits seamlessly into your Web / intranet / extranet
  • Prove your environmental commitment to your customers/shareholders/stakeholders
  • Save costs & emissions
  • Hosting by Carbon Footprint ensures updates always instantaneous
  • Co-branded - Integrate our reputation with your identity
  • Authoritative - Methods DECC approved and use DEFRA & international conversion factors
  • Fully flexible & Multilingual
  • Manages your carbon data
  • User friendly
  • Join other high profile blue chip organisations
  • Contact us for further information


    How to integrate the carbon calculator in 5 mins for FREE

    Integrate the Internet's best carbon footprint calculation tools into your own website, allowing your visitors to calculator their carbon emissions without having to leave your site.


    Please read the terms and conditions below and then follow the instructions for integrating the calculator tool you want.

  • The calculator tools are provided on an "as is", "when available" and non exclusive basis.
  • The calculators are copyright Carbon Footprint Ltd and RADsite Ltd, and can not be amended or copied in whole or in part.
  • By using one of our calculators, you agree not to reverse-engineer or tamper with the code.
  • All rights remain with Carbon Footprint Ltd and RADsite Ltd.
  • A calculator should only be integrated into web site that promotes a positive ecological message and must not be integrated into any web site that might cause offence.
  • Carbon Footprint Ltd does not guarantee the availability of a calculator.
  • Carbon Footprint Ltd holds the right to place a limit on the amount of traffic using the calculator service at any one time.
  • Please [contact us] to register your web site with us. This will allow us to notify you of any technical changes, to help keep the system running smoothly.
  • Carbon Footprint Ltd, has taken reasonable care in producing the calculators, but cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions
  • Customised versions of the calculators may be available at a cost. Please [contact us] for more information.
  • Carbon Footprint Ltd reserves the right to make changes to the carbon footprint calculators and these terms and conditions at any time.

    Full Carbon Footprint Calculator

    The full Carbon Footprint calculator can be embedded as an IFRAME by copying and pasting the following HTML code into your web page:



    Flight-Only Carbon Footprint Calculator

    The flight-only calculator just provides the functionality of the Flights tab of the full calculator, without all the other tabs. It can be embedded as an IFRAME by copying and pasting the following HTML code into your web page:


    Non-SSL Version

    The calculator is now available over SSL (https), and the code above has been updated to use the SSL version. This avoids security warnings when embedded in a page on an SSL website, and can also be embedded in a page on a standard website (http) without any issues. If you prefer to use the non-SSL version, just replace https with http in the code above.


    Different Widths

    It is possible to make the calculator wider or narrower by changing the width setting of the IFRAME tag to a different number of pixels. For example, if you want it 600 pixels wide, start the code with <iframe width="600" ...


    The calculator should be usable down to widths around 400 pixels, although you may need to increase the height setting for very narrow widths.


    Other Languages

    The calculator is now available in a variety of languages, and it will attempt to pick the most appropriate one from the user's browser settings. If you want to fix the language to blend in better with the rest of your website, you can add one of the following codes to the URL


  • lang=en-GB for UK English
  • lang=en-US for US English
  • lang=fr for French
  • lang=de for German
  • lang=es for Spanish
  • lang=it for Italian
  • lang=cs for Czech
  • lang=pl for Polish
  • lang=hu for Hungarian
  • lang=ru for Russian
  • lang=ja for Japanese
  • lang=zh-Hans for Chinese
  • For example, to get the main calculator in French, change both occurrences of calculator.aspx to calculator.aspx?lang=fr in the HTML above. To get the flight calculator in UK English, change both occurrences of calculator.aspx?c=flight to calculator.aspx?c=flight&lang=en-GB



    Changing The Background Colour

    The background colour of each calculator tool defaults to white. If this doesn't fit in with your colour scheme, you can modify it to the background colour code of your choice (#99CCFF for example) by changing both occurrences of calculator.aspx in the HTML above to calculator.aspx?b=99CCFF or from calculator.aspx?c=flight to calculator.aspx?c=flight&b=99CCFF


    If you want to set both the language and the background colour, you will need to combine both codes with a "&" like in this example for the flight calculator in Chinese on a light green background:


    Other Customisations

    If you would like further customisations of the calculator, or additional carbon footprint calculations tools to integrate into your website, please contact to discuss your requirements and the costs involved.