Pledge Trees In Kenya, Africa

Your tree pledge will help to support local disadvantaged communities in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, in addition to offsetting your carbon emission.

For more than 100 trees - please call us for pricing


Kenya Tree Planting Kenya Tree Planting Certificate

How many trees would you like:

from $ 14.39 to pledge 1 tree (about 1 tonne)


These reforestation activities are being lead by a small community based project team called Escarpment Environment Conservation Network.

All trees that are planted are native to the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, and will be carefully planted and managed to live their natural lifespan and meet their biodiversity targets.

Each tree planted helps to offset your environmental impact by "breathing" in CO2 as it grows. The trees also replenish sustainable habitat for wildlife and will enhance the natural landscape with native trees.

  • Trees planted in Kenya
  • Help disadvantage communities
  • Help to reduce poverty
  • Create a brighter future for orphans and people living with HIV / AIDS
  • Provide habitats for wildlife
  • Offset carbon emissions
  • Certificates available to download


Tree Buddying

Our Kenya Reforestation programme incorporates "Tree Buddying". This means for each tree you pledge we also offset one tCO2e through a Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) project.

This ensures your carbon offsetting

in addition to delivering all the other great benefits of the Kenya Reforestation programme.