Lewis and Graves LLP Case Study

How Lewis and Graves Became a Carbon Neutral Organisation

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Lewis and Graves LLP is a specialist cleaning company which provides environmentally conscious periodic and comprehensive cleaning programmes.

Based in London, Lewis and Graves provides their facility management, consulting and training services for corporate, educational and governmental clients across the UK.

The Challenge

Lewis and Graves began working with us in 2009 as they wanted to improve their sustainability, reduce their emissions and costs, and give themselves a competitive advantage. 

They had an aim of achieving PAS 2060 carbon neutrality as this was something they considered beneficial to their brand image and their commitment to the environment.  

Carbon Footprint Ltd's Solution  

We provide Lewis and Graves with a sustainability programme, assisting with their carbon management and legal compliance, which includes;

icon_measure_green.png  Annual Carbon Footprint Appraisals 

icon_review_green.png Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Support  

icon_review_green.png PAS 2060 Support

icon_offset_green.png Carbon Offsetting

The appraisal reports produced highlight the problem areas and include recommendations on how to reduce their emissions. 

Carbon Offsetting  

In order to achieve carbon neutrality in line with our PAS 2060 programme, Lewis and Graves offset the remainder of their emissions by supporting a variety of our QAS certified environmental projects. These projects also support the local communities by providing social and environmental benefits.

Lewis and Graves has supported a range of offsetting projects including:

UK Tree Planting - planting over 100 trees in schools in the UK

Wind energy projects in India and the Philippines

Landfill gas project in Tanzania

Preventing deforestation projects in Brazil 


Since 2009, Lewis and Graves has reduced their carbon emissions by over 46% in total and 79.6% per £M turnover.

As the majority of their emissions are caused by their company car and van travel, producing over 80% of their total CO2e emissions, these are the areas in which the largest savings have been made.

Lewis and Graves has managed to decrease their emissions, whilst still growing as a business primarily through reducing unnecessary van travel, switching to rail travel where possible, and increased fuel management.

Lewis and Graves has also achieved ESOS compliance and carbon neutrality with PAS 2060 compliance.


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