Low Carbon Lifestyle

CSR tools to help your colleagues access advice and information to make the right informed decisions with their lifestyles


A Responsible Choice

You are not responsible for your colleagues' environmental choices in their own time either in/out of the workplace and also in their commute to work. However, you probably feel that you wish to 'arm' them with the facts and provide them with information and resources that enable them to make informed decisions ...that is all part of Corporate & Social Responsibility.

We have a suite of tools, quizzes and easy to digest information that for your teams to use in their out of work life.


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Personal Carbon Calculator                               Plastic Calculator 

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Climate Change - Facts & Figures                    Reduce Emissions at home   

Carbon Neutral Lifestyle

Once colleagues have pledged a course of action to reduce their carbon footprint, many may wish to compensate for their carbon emissions via carbon offsetting. This can be done individually or by a corporate programme ( i.e. costs deducted from salary at source). Many businesses choose to part or match fund the carbon offsetting of their employees to show the organisation's broader commitment to the environment.

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