National Indicators - NI185 & NI186 Solutions

As part of the local government performance framework, DEFRA have set up a number of National Indicators for local authorities.

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Several of the indicators directly relate to climate change, with National Indicator 185 and National Indicator 186 associated with the management of carbon emissions.


The public sector is in a leading position to demonstrate CO2 reductions through their activities and behaviour as an example of best practise to residents and local businesses. By calculating their own emissions and making in-house reductions, in addition to increasing awareness and supporting local businesses and residents, carbon emissions can be reduced across each local authority area and therefore across the country as a whole, meeting the government's climate change targets.


NI 185 – Percentage CO2 reduction from LA operations

Under National Indicator NI 185, local authorities are required to calculate the carbon emissions of their buildings and services on a yearly basis and report the results to DEFRA. This year, 08/09 is the first year of reporting, with all completed calculations due by July 2009.


Carbon Footprint Ltd realise the resource implications of an internal carbon management plan and offer a range of services to support the reporting and reduction process, including emissions calculations and preparation of reports, bespoke behavioural and retrofit reduction solutions and staff training.


NI 186 – Per Capita CO2 emissions in the local area

Under National Indicator NI 186, local authorities are encouraged to raise awareness and support carbon emission reduction strategies for the local area. Centrally produced carbon emissions figures will be published on an annual basis, providing end user emissions for each local authority area – based on the energy consumption from the business and public sector and residential housing, along with fuel purchase data demonstrating road transport use, within the boundaries of the local area.

To support emission reductions across the local authority area, Carbon Footprint Ltd offer a range of services to target both local businesses as well as community. Our support can be bespoke to the needs of each local authority and can take many guises, from consultancy and reduction support for local businesses, to online personal of SME calculators or training programmes /workshops for businesses, schools or community groups.


To discuss the needs of your local authority, please contact us for further information.