Carbon Footprint’s Freedom Flight Prize Takes Off

First Contenders, Technical Panel & Sponsors Announced for Carbon-Free Commercial Flight across the Atlantic

London, UK. 19th February 2021: Sustainability experts Carbon Footprint’s challenge to the aviation industry for the first transatlantic carbon free flight – the Freedom Flight Prize - announces its first Contenders, Sponsors and a Technical Panel to judge the winning entry to decarbonise aviation and bring carbon-free flights to the general public.


The Freedom Flight Prize requires the winning team to complete a return trip from London to New York* in a 100+ seater passenger aircraft whilst releasing zero carbon emissions during the flight. The return trip must be completed within 24 hours of starting out. The prize fund is being supported by a growing number of sponsors and is expected to be in the £millions by the time it is won.

First contenders to be registered are ZeroAvia (based in the USA and UK), Okulu Aerospace (based in India) and The ePlane Company (based in India). The proposed solutions are focused on using hydrogen and electric based propulsion systems. Other organisations from across the World have expressed interest in the prize and are expected to be entering the competition over the coming months.

Several organisations including American Express Global Business Travel and Carbon Footprint Ltd have already sponsored this project.

Freedom Flight Prize’s Technical Panel will be supporting the programme by sharing information on technology, infrastructure, aviation and sustainability education with the public as well as judging the Prize. At the helm is Chairperson Dr Wendy Buckley, Ph.D. Physicist with 20+ years’ experience in low carbon technology. Joining Dr Buckley are Professor Ian Williams, Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences, University of Southampton; Dr Bobby Sethi, hydrogen fuel and aviation expert from Cranfield University; Karl Young, expert in Electric and Hydrogen Powered aircraft from Washington, USA; and Miles Thomas, Head of Sustainability & Planning at Farnborough Airport.

John Buckley, Managing Director of Carbon Footprint Ltd and Freedom Flight Prize said,

“Freedom Flight Prize is thrilled to have its initial line up of contenders all with slightly different solutions and set to revolutionise the aviation industry. It’s also fantastic to see the first business sponsors getting behind the project as a really responsible way to help meet global carbon reduction goals. Also, we are delighted to welcome our excellent Technical Panel team with a diverse range of skills spanning aerospace, technology, climate change and logistics that will all affect & challenge aviation decarbonisation”.

* equivalent routes can be proposed (must be >5500km)


About Freedom Flight Prize:

Freedom Flight Prize ( awards and recognises the 1st truly zero carbon 100+ seater return flight across the Atlantic. The Prize was conceived by Carbon Footprint Ltd, the climate change solution business