Product And Service Endorsement

The “Carbon Footprint Approved” programme provides your business with an independently verified way to demonstrate the responsibility of your brand, product or service to your customers.

We endorse & provide the distinctive branding you need to differentiate your business & its offerings in your markets.*


Carbon Footprint Endorsement

This enables your company to use our brand endorsement on your product / marketing literature for a period of one year, as well as being listed on the web site as being a company with approved products and services.

Carbon Footprint Approved logo

Your products or services will qualify for Carbon Footprint Approval when you meet any of the following three criteria:

  • Its carbon emissions have been calculated and offset through either one of our offset programmes or an alternative certified offset provider.
  • It has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to similar products / services currently available on the market
  • By using the product / service it will help other people or organisations to reduce their carbon emissions.


Contact us to see if your product qualifies