On-line Product Emission Factors Launched

Product emissions factors for thousands of common items

Press Release 8 January 2013

Carbon Footprint Ltd has launched an innovative new on-line application that enables users to search for free across an extensive range of Life Cycle Emission factors – whether your need is  just to find out how much CO2 is associated with a single product/process or you need a set of emission factors for your Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) project. Product Life Cycle factors can be simply & quickly searched and downloaded singly or as multiple downloads, saving time and money.

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Carbon Footprint Ltd, the award winning Sustainability Consultants have introduced a new on-line tool that provide unique access toover 4500 Life Cycle Emission factors for common products and processes.  From agriculture, to retail products and construction/manufacturing materials, such as to metals and plastics, the range is huge.


Carbon Footprint Ltd’s new tool gathers together a range of emission factors, including all records from the internationally renowned EcoInvent database, used under licence. It also includes a vast number ofemission factors held within Carbon Footprint Ltd’s own Life Cycle Inventory (LCI).

 “We’ve designed our Carbon Footprint Emission Factor tool to be easy to use so that you can find and download the emission factors you need very quickly and without fuss.” Said Managing Director, John Buckley.

Many businesses and other organisations are now assessing the carbon impact of their products and services; the main drivers for this are equally important – namely supply chain pressure to disclose the emissions, but also a need to assess and manage down the carbon within their own production/operations to reduce costs and improve sustainability. Carbon Footprint Ltd’s new on-line tool enables organisations to quickly amass the information they need to make the LCA assessments. There is just a small charge for downloading factors, which can be purchased individually, saving considerable expense in comparison with purchasing entire databases of data (most of which you may not need).

 “The Emission factor tool is just part of the way we help our clients to carry out Life Cycle Assessments. As the markets move forward to are committed to support our clients to manage carbon and sustainability within their businesses and supply chains.” Concluded Buckley.


Carbon Footprint Ltd is a leading award-winning sustainability consultancy. They help businesses and public sector to reduce operational costs and increase competitive edge by developing and helping them to promote their environmental credentials.


They specialise in carbon footprint software, carbon footprint assessments and carbon footprint verifications. They also provide life cycle assessments (including PAS2050), carbon offsetting to international standards and enable businesses and organisations to go carbon neutral to PAS2060 requirements.


Dr Wendy Buckley, Director

Carbon Footprint Ltd
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