Public Transport - Carbon Reduction

Tips to helping you reduce your personal travel footprint

Tips and Advice to help you cut carbon and energy cost

Almost 90 per cent of all trips in the UK are conducted by road, a figure which has remained almost static for the last 10 years.
Car travel will need to drop by 20-60 per cent between now and 2030, to stay within transport's carbon budget for a 1.5C scenario.

Travel less and travel more carbon footprint friendly

  • Journeys on public bus services since 2011 has seen a fall of 340 million according to Department for Transport data. Despite unpopular fare increases, travel on the rail network has been increasing stedily , but is mainly in the commuter belt around SE London.
  • For short bus journeys; Walk or Cycle
  • Plan holidays and travel ahead of time to get the most efficent transport routes.
  • Travel standard instead of first class on trains.

 Already calculated your carbon footprint and ready to offset?

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