Travel - Carbon Reduction

Tips to helping you reduce your personal travel footprint

Tips and Advice to help you cut carbon and energy cost

The aviation sector currently accounts for about 2% of global emissions, and is one of the fastest-growing polluters.

Travel less and travel more carbon footprint friendly

  • For demestic journeys; Train or Coach
  • Plan holidays and travel ahead of time to reduce internal flights
  • Opt for low emission flights where possible (Some flight search engines offer this option, this shows more efficient plains).
  • Direct flights are oftern greener as the majority of emission are used from take-off and landing.
  • Research yopur flight as some use sustainable aviation fuel which is made from waste oils, like used cooking oil, and achieves up to 75% less CO2 emissions.
  • Fly economy class as buisness and first use more emissions as more space is wasted per person.
  • When traveling it is common that some countries are not known for clean tap water, a way to reduce plasic bottles increasing your secondary carbon emissions is through filtering bottles.


 Already calculated your carbon footprint and ready to offset?

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