Reduce Emissions from Flights

Tips to helping you reduce your travel footprint

The aviation sector currently accounts for about 2% of global emissions (approx. 915 million tCO2 in 2019) and is one of the fastest-growing sources of Greenhouse Gas emissions


Top Tips...

  • First, avoid flying if you can. Do you need to travel at all? If so, is it practical to use alternative forms of transport e.g. trains and coaches?
  • If you need to fly then fly Economy Class instead of First Class or Business Class.  The higher density passenger seating in Economy Class, means more people to share the total flight emissions between, resulting in lower emissions per passenger.

Comparison of emissions 

Take a return trip from London to Paris as an example:

Method of travel

Amount of emissions 

 Flight - Business Class  0.16 tCO2 per passenger
 Flight - Economy Class  0.11 tCO2 per passenger
 Car - Medium Size Petrol Car + Eurotunnel    0.16 tCO2 per car
 Train - Eurostar  0.01 tCO2 per passenger

For Holidays

  • Try a staycation
  • Holiday closer to home, as shorter flights cause lower emissions. e.g. a flight from London to Barcelona generates 0.35 tCO2 emissions per passenger; where as a flight to Tenerife generates 0.85 tCO2 emissions per passenger

If you really need to fly...

Do some research and choose lower emission flights where possible. Some online flight booking websites show provide efficiency information.

Offset the emissions from the flights you take to compensate for your emissions and support the development of climate change solutions around the world.

 Already calculated your carbon footprint and ready to offset?

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