Shop And Offset

From this web site only - you can offset your CO2 emissions while you shop on-line. Every purchase you make on-line via the links on this page will count towards our carbon offset programme - including reforestation and clean energy projects globally.



Offset your CO2 by the following amount

10 kg for every bid you make on - whether you win or lose


8 kg per GBP spent

Tailor-make and Save with

1 kg per GBP spent on flights
5 kg per GBP spent on hotels
500 kg per car hire

3 kg per GBP spent on package holidays or car hire
1.5 kg per GBP spent on flights
4 kg per GBP spent on hotels

Napster Free Trial

300 kg for UK users who register for a free 7 day trial...
so you don't even need to spend a penny


How does it work?

Carbon Footprint receives a small commission for sales or leads made via this web site, which we use to retire the carbon credits from the Clean Energy Fund, or purchase extra trees to be planted in the Great Rift Valley, Kenya.