Thailand Wind Power - Carbon Offset

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The project generates clean electricity with utilization of wind energy. The project consists of 30 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) of 3.0 MW capacities each. The project WTGs are installed in the Nongwang sub district of Thepharak district Nakhonratchasima Province in Thailand.

The electricity generated by the project is exported to the Thailand National grid. The project activity will therefore displace an equivalent amount of electricity which would have otherwise been generated by fossil fuel dominant electricity grid. Since wind power has produces zero carbon emissions, the power generated will prevent the anthropogenic gas emissions generated by the dominant fossil fuel based thermal power stations comprising coal, natural gas, diesel, and bunker oil.

The estimation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reductions by this project is limited to carbon dioxide (CO2) only. Thus the project activity leads to an emission reduction of 148,089 tCO2 per year or 1,480,890 tCO2 for the chosen crediting period of 10 years.


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Following a QAS approved carbon footprint calculation, this projects meets the requirements under the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) for Carbon Offsetting. As part of this we are audited to ensure all offsets sold are retired on appropriate registries within 12 months of you purchasing.

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Note: The social benefits of this project have not been verified and therefore these additional benefits are not accredited by the QAS

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