The travel sector accounts for 8% of global carbon emissions*. As this sector is set to grow at 4% per annum, emissions need to reduce and experts say that carbon offsetting will have to increase to help compensate.

* Nature  - Climate Change (2018)

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) maintains that 'There is a real need for people to recognise what their impact is in a destination, and how much water, waste and energy you should be using compared to the local populations'. Members of the WTTC are being encouraged to measure, monitor and report their Environmental activities.

Proactive travel industry providers are also engaged in carbon management programmes to regularly measure and report carbon - some by specific commitments, such as in the Association of Independent Travel Operators (AITO) programme and others within their own Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) frameworks.

Did you know?

Travellers cause ca. 0.5 tonnes of unavoidable CO2 emissions per person for their European continent holidays. Travellers can make sustainable choices during their stays but the carbon footprint remains. This impact can be compensated by supporting international carbon offsetting projects from as little as £2  per passenger travelling.


How Carbon Footprint Helps the Tourism Industry

The first step is to monitor your carbon footprint, whether that be your business or the travel itineraries your customers take. We always promote carbon reduction strategies and low carbon options before any carbon offsetting.

Inevitably, there are unavoidable carbon emissions from your travel itineraries - these need to be compensated for. Our range of International Programmes and Tree Planting supports this. In addition to reducing carbon, these programmes benefit some of the world's lesser developed regions, providing healthcare, education and employment opportunities - in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.   

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