David and Victoria's Wedding

David and Victoria's Wedding

We have been living together for a couple of years and have lots of nice things already. We thought long and hard and decided to get some trees planted on our big day. They're good for the environment, help to prevent climate change and nice for animals to live in. Plant one (or more!) for our wedding on 1 June 2007 and you're buying a present that keeps on giving.

To pledge one or more trees in North West for David and Victoria's Wedding, please choose the quantity and enter your personal message below. A certificate will be sent to David and Victoria showing the total number of trees pledged, along with a compilation of all the messages we received. When the total number of trees pledged is over 100, David and Victoria will get a free certificate frame too.

Plant Trees In the UK

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Carbon Footprint enables you to "Pledge a Tree" that will be planted & grown in the area of your choice.


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$ 17.23 incl. 20% VAT to pledge 1 tree (about 1 tonne)

We use the local knowledge and expertise of tree planting partners to ensure the right trees are planted in the appropriate places. The trees are predominantly planted in school grounds, reserves and managed woodland where they will live their natural lifespan and meet their biodiversity targets.

Each tree planted helps to offset your environmental impact by "breathing" in CO2 emissions as it grows. The trees also provide sustainable habitat for wildlife and will enhance the natural landscape with native broad-leaved trees.

  • Trees planted in the UK region of your choice (12 regions including Northern Ireland) 
  • Personalised certificate - makes an ideal gift

Tree Buddying

Our UK Trees programme incorporates "Tree Buddying". This means for each tree you pledge we also offset one tCO2 through a Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) project.

This ensures your carbon offsetting

in addition to delivering all the other great benefits of the UK Tree planting programme.