Indonesia Geothermal

Wayang Windu Phase 2 Geothermal Power Project

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Geothermal power plants use steam produced from reservoirs of hot water found a couple of miles or more below the Earth's surface, instead of having to use fossil fuels. The steam rotates a turbine that activates a generator, which produces electricity. It is a natural and sustainable source of energy. 

Wayang Windu Phase 2 Geothermal Power Project, is a 117MW geothermal power station, which is an additional power unit to an existing grid-connected renewable power plant. The project involves the generation of power using a reliable and renewable resource in place of power generation by a more greenhouse gas intensive fuel/source. The project reduces greenhouse gas emissions through the displacement of fossil fuel electricity generation with a clean, renewable energy source. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Environmental Sustainability – Practising natural resource conservation or diversification. Assuring and maintaining levels of local community health and safety.
  • Economic Sustainability – Assuring and maintaining local community welfare.
  • Social Sustainability – Assuring and maintaining local community participation in the project and local community social integrity.
  • Technological Sustainability – Technology transfer and enhancing the capacity and utilisation of local technology.


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