2016 Carbon Conversion Factors


2016 DEFRA/DECC Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions factors.  

The main changes are 

Removal of overseas electricity generation factors (Scope 2) 

These are absent and companies needing to report on overseas operations ( e.g. for Mandatory GHG Reporting, CDP etc) will need to source externally. Bizarrely, Defra still publish transmission and distribution factors for overseas electricity (Scope 3). Older data sets, in line with the current set, do not include overseas electricity generation factors. 

UK electricity emissions factor (Scopes 2&3). A reduction of 11% in generation factor reflecting the reduction in the use of coal and increase in gas and renewable sources, to generate electricity.

Landfill emissions factors. Emissions factors for all organic waste going to landfill have decreased due to a revision in the amount of methane captured from landfill (and used for energy).

International flight emissions factors – emissions factors have reduced due to changes made to the underlying database.

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