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Plant a Tree – Protect a Tree this Christmas

Trees are widely accepted as the Lungs of the Earth - nature's own carbon capture and storage devices. Beyond this, of course, they support much of our planet's biodiversity and enhance our mental well-being. Trees are still being destroyed and our rainforests are endangered, with around the size of a football pitch disappearing from the Amazon Rainforest every minute.

Our UK and Kenya Tree Planting programmes are both 'buddied' with our Protecting the Amazon project - meaning that for every tree planted, 1 tonne CO2 is saved (by preserving existing trees in the Amazon Rainforest).

Even if you have offset your carbon impact already or know those who need to do theirs, we encourage you to get behind our programme and support these vital Plant A Tree - Protect A Tree projects – this Christmas.

Offset 1 year's average individual carbon footprint of 6.5 tonnes

Plant 1 Tree + offset 1 tonne CO2 

Plant 10 Trees + offset 10 tonnes CO2

Plant 50 Trees + offset 50 tonnes CO2

As well as supporting these great projects, you will be able to download a certificate (that makes a lovely sustainable gift) and also a Plant a Tree - Protect a Tree logos and photos to share with your friends/loved ones and social media.

Don't forget to also check out the Interactive Tree Map which demonstrates the great support we have been receiving. Since 2019 we have planted over 370,000 trees in over 1500 locations across the UK.

By pledging trees, you will be helping to mitigate the effects of deforestation and climate change whilst also benefiting biodiversity and the local communities. This is a great way to compensate for your carbon footprint, whether for the whole of 2022, the holiday season, or just your Christmas tree.


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then support climate change solutions through our range of carbon offset projects to give back this Christmas


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The team at Carbon Footprint wish you all a Very Merry Christmas