Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme FAQs

We've listed some tips on ESOS in response to some very commonly asked questions


  • ESOS – it isn’t going to disappear

    ESOS won’t change even if the government does later this year. It meets European legislation requirements, makes economic sense; supporting business growth and UK energy reduction targets.


  • Don’t leave it too late

    Leaving you ESOS programme to late on in the year will increase the stress in collecting data, analysing sites and compiling an adequate Evidence Pack. Book time with an ESOS lead assessor early on;  even if you don’t plan to complete the energy audit work until later this year, you will have planned adequately and avoid late penalty frees (or even lack of access to ESOS Lead Assessors).


  • Thoughts on “paying” instead of “complying”

    Non-compliance isn’t a 'one off' fine. Failure to notify the Environment Agency  of compliance results in a £5,000 penalty plus £500 for each additional working day you remain in breach following the compliance date (5 December 2015) – put simply you must comply. Fines Summary.


  • No Transport? We have already seen so many businesses, forgetting or trying to exclude their transport from their ESOS  assessment ( usually because they erroneously think that the legislation relates only to buildings) Unfortunately transportation ( for which you pay for fuel/ put fuel directly into vehicles) can not be excluded from your ESOS compliance. It may be the case that eligible transport falls within the de minimis ( i.e. less than 10% of the overall energy use) BUT you will have to prove this before you discount it from the assessment.

  • Fail to Plan ….and Plan to Fail.  Don’t start your ESOS programme without first formally planning it out with an ESOS Lead Assessor ( note – this really does need to be an ESOS Lead Assessor – not an energy management  sales person). ESOS lead assessors will be able to recommend a specific strategy to take you to compliance, avoiding unnecessary spend on energy audits you don’t need or rework due to data-gaps (and improper scoping /understanding of your assets).


    What is a smart way to move forward with ESOS?

    What do you want from ESOS?

    Start with the end in mind think about what you would like to gain from your ESOS compliance. Look towards a proactive route and highlighting the details to achieve the maximum business benefits.


  • Utilise the planning stage – you’ll save both time and money

    Work with your ESOS Lead Assessor to establish an appropriate compliance strategy & plan.  It is definitely wise to do that at the outset – it will help to manage time, budget and make sure that you don’t need to do rework.

    Many organisations find it useful to talk through their sites and business operations, to highlight estimated energy use and initial areas for opportunities. Have confidence in your compliance route.


  • Use ESOS as a learning opportunity

ESOS enables you to take the lead. By using your lead assessor as a mentor or shadowing an on-site energy audit, you can gain valuable skills and reduce your compliance costs by doing much of the work internally. 


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