Energy Savings Programme (ESP)

Cost effective support for organisations to manage energy and reduce costs of buildings, processes and transport.


Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) mandates all qualifying large trading entities to formally measure , audit and analyse energy saving options. In practice, ALL organisations, whether public or private sector, SME or not can greatly benefit from an ESOS style programme, without the fuss of compliance reporting.


Our Energy Savings Programme (ESP) brings all the best practice from our extensive ESOS experience to provide a highly cost effective and targeted solution to help you to reduce energy and costs - whether your organisation is in ESOS or not. 


Buildings energy costs -  including consumption and tariff cost



Process energy costs -  optimising your processes


Transport energy cost - including direct and indirect usage  


Independent & Authoritative


We don't sell technology products - and we won't because this would undermine the independence of the audit. You will receive guidance and reporting that is totally independent of any technology solution provider and free of any potential conflicts of interest (strange how 'Acme Voltage Optimisation Ltd' recommends Acme Voltage Optimisation Ltd products ?).


ESP - A Step Ahead of ESOS?


ESOS does not require organisations to look at indirect travel - such as flights and public transport. But we recognise that these forms of transport can have a massive impact on your costs  and that is why our ESP programme will audit your performance there.


Aligned to your Carbon Footprint, ISO14001 and market needs

 ESOS and ESP use a dataset that is very similar to that needed for your annual Carbon Footprint evaluation.  A smart approach is to do both 'back-to-back' - this will benefit your marketing/ sales tender needs, ISO140001 Environmental Management System aswell as operational cost savings.    


ISO50001- Energy Management System

Increasing numbers of businesses are choosing to formalise their Energy Management Systems (EnMS) via a ISO50001 certified system. As well as providing an ideal management tool, ISO50001 also provides an automatic compliance route for ESOS. Furthermore, it complements other certifications, such as ISO14001, ISO90001 and OHSAS18001 as a sustainability credential for sales tender requirements and market differentiation. We can design an ISO50001 to fit your organisation and provide internal auditing ahead of your UKAS accredited external audit.   


Growing...Get ready for ESOS Phase 2


If you 'just missed out' on ESOS this time but have employee numbers rapidly approaching 250 ( or Euro 50 million turnover and Euro 43 million current assets), why not get your house in order now with our ESP. As well as priming your business for 2019 submission, you will be saving energy and cost  year on year ahead of this ...makes perfect business sense.


Funded Opportunities for SMEs

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