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Tips to helping you reduce your footprint in your home

Tips and Advice to help you cut carbon and energy cost


Top 5 Cost Saving actions

1. Hang out the washing instead of tumble drying 

Hanging the washing out instead of using the tumble drier will save about 153kg CO2 a year - that's £52 (USD68) each year, based on 150 cycles a year. 

2. Turn down the heating by 1⁰C

Reducing your heating by 1⁰C can reduce your energy consumption by 8%. For an average household gas bill of 12,500kWh this will reduce your CO2 emissions by 184kg - that's £42 (USD55) each year.

3. Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need to boil

Only boiling the amount of water for your hot drink will save 72kg CO2 a year - that's £23 (USD30) per annum

4. Spend less time in the shower

Spending 1 minute less in the shower can save 23kg CO2 and £8 (USD10) a year (based on one shower a day and a 9kW shower).

5. Turn electrical equipment off when not in use 

Fully turning off just one LCD TV (rather than leaving it on standby) for 18 hours a day will save about 5kg CO2 a year - saving £2 a year (USD2.64). Turn off all other electrical equipment when not in use to multiply the savings.

Total Potential savings are 437kg CO2 and £127 each year

 Download Chart - Which electrical items contribute most to your Carbon Footprint & Cost?

  • Technology based energy savings


    The following is a list of items that may take an initial investment, but should pay for themselves through savings on your energy bills.

    • Fit energy saving light bulbs - LEDs can save 90% of lighting energy costs
    • Install thermostatic valves on your radiators
    • Insulate your hot water tank
    • Install cavity wall installation
    • Install 180mm thick loft insulation
    • Replace your old refrigerator / freezer (if it is over 15 years old), with a new one with energy efficiency rating of "A++"
    • Replace your old boiler with a new energy efficient condensing boiler

Offset Your emissions

It is very difficult to reduce emissions to zero, so think about Offsetting the emissions you can't reduce any further or emissions you have already caused.

 Already calculated your carbon footprint and ready to offset?

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