UK Tree Planting Autumn 2013

Growing from Great Roots


We’ve been busy planting trees across the UK this Autumn – predominantly in primary school locations. Trees promote biodiversity, create woodland habitats and provide social benefits to the wider community as well as sequestering carbon dioxide. Planting within school locations also engages school children in environmental issues.

All our trees are 
native British broad leaf species, grown from seed in the UK. The following species are some of the trees that we supply: Bird Cherry, Blackthorn, Common Alder, Crab Apple, Crack Willow, Dog Rose, Dogwood, Downy Birch, Elder, English Oak, Field Maple, Goat Willow, Gorse, Green Beech, Grey Willow, Guelder Rose, Hawthorn, Hazel, Hornbeam, Rowan, Sessile Oak, Silver Birch, Small Leaved Lime, Spindle Bush, Whitebeam.

The type of sapling we plant is known as a ‘cell-grown whip’. Cell-grown because each tree is grown in an individual ‘pot’ and comes with a plug of compost around the roots for protection and to give it the best start. Whip refers to the size of the saplings - they are a year old and are 40cm to 90cm in height, depending on the species, though there can be some variation as with any plant.

Cell-grown saplings are more robust, easier to plant and more successful long-term than the usual, basic bare-rooted saplings. And using cell- grown trees has the additional advantage of extending the planting season to more closely match term times, which is very important for the schools. Schools’ trees are each supplied with a free cane and a rabbit guard for protection and to make them easy to plant. Saplings are individually tagged and show the species, who has sponsored the tree, the planting date and the unique tree identification number. In a few instances, such as a large scale woodland planting or for a hedgerow where large numbers of tags would be inappropriate or unsightly, we may choose to only tag a percentage of the trees- say one in five. Even in these cases each tree is logged in our records with an individual and unique reference number.

Our Tree Buddy – Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) programme pairs each UK Tree with a VCS carbon offset, should you wish to use the programme to gain Carbon Neutrality for your business or products (including Publicly Available Specification 2060, PAS2060).  

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