The Carbon Management Journey

For every step of the journey

Carbon Footprint provides a simple six step guide to improving your sustainability and managing your emissions. Each step of this Carbon Management Journey contributes to your ability to understand and reduce your carbon footprint and comply to best practice.

To assist you on your Carbon Management Journey we offer:

  • Measure: Tools and services to calculate/validate/track the carbon emissions of your company, product or service to help you better understand your footprint
  • Aim: To provide suggestions for realistic reduction targets to drive your business's strategy
  • Reduce: Practical recommendations, tools and services to enhance your sustainability programme and cut your emissions
  • Offset: The ability to compensate for your remaining emissions to achieve carbon neutrality using our Quality Assurance Standard approved offsetting schemes supporting the climate, biodiversity and communities across the globe
  • Communicate: Recommendations, support and certificates to help you promote your achievements both internally & externally
  • Comply: Support in meeting and maintaining legislative & supply chain requirements


To ensure meaningful carbon reductions and to make the most out of your investments, the journey should be completed on a yearly basis.  

Why complete the Carbon Management Journey:

  • Improves your sustainability and carbon management
  • Prescribes a clear strategy
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Helps to drive down costs
  • Ensures compliance to best practice and aids tender opportunities
  • Optimises PR opportunities and communication


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