Carbon & Energy Post Brexit

What Carbon & Sustainability Management actions you need to do now post 'Brexit'?

There is a fair amount of noise in the financial markets, but there are some quite clearly cut steps that make good business sense at least in the short and mid term. It's also worth reminding ourselves that much of our UK carbon & energy law has been either 'home grown' or has gone above and beyond minimum EU requirements at our choice.        


Measure & monitor your carbon footprint.

Why?  Energy prices (fuel, electricity & gas) are likely to be turbulent, so it is wise to know what you are using to manage the impact. Make sure you monitor your energy tariffs and be prepared to switch.


Get an energy survey done.

Why now? Identify the key sources of your problems ….if they are behavioural, get your staff to implement  immediately.

If you need some new technology, suppliers may still have stock at current pricing ahead of increased prices (due to the weakness of the GB Pound).


Make the most of the last EU low carbon funding

Across regional areas of the UK, there is ERDF low carbon funding available – this is fully committed (even if UK negotiates early exit) – this can fund up to 50% on consultancy and capex projects (e.g. 50% cost contribution towards LED lighting, solar PV etc.) Funding for your Programme 


Make sure your ESOS is in order.

It is incredible to be saying this ca. 6 months after the original deadline. Don’t forget the ISO 50001 deadline is Thursday 30 June.  After this deadline we suspect that the Environment Agency will be keen to start prosecutions for non-compliance and the Treasury will be very pleased in the current climate to receive the penalties. The same is also true of your CRC reporting and there have been test cases recently of successful prosecutions of non-compliant companies.

More on Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)


Make sure that you get your Mandatory GHG Reporting complete.

A gentle reminder that this is UK Legislation – nothing to do with Europe. If you are within the FTSE Main Market you should be doing this (and looks very likely by 2019 all large entities – whether listed or not – will have to do it).

Carbon Footprinting 

Put a price on carbon in your business.

Get prepared for energy price changes and carbon taxation. Find out how to put in place carbon pricing in your business to help you to plan budgets properly and avoid shocks.


Watch for Cheap loans – makes your business case.

Interests rates are very low and may even go to zero over the next few weeks. Make the most of this opportunity to fund your energy management project.


You competitiveness in international markets – ISO Standards.

Due to the pound falling against the USD and EUR, your products and services will look cheaper to you international clients (lucky you!). Key risks will rest of Quality, Environmental and H&S commitments.  ISOs 14001:2015, 9001:2015 and OHSAS18001 stress that commitment. What better time than to take leadership and transition to the new standards.

ISO14001 & Transitioning

Shout about what you are doing - Supply Chains.

Standards in environmental management and carbon don’t have to decline. In fact, quite frequently supply chains take action before legislation and taking steps that go far above and beyond legislative requirements. You can directly affect this with your suppliers, trade associations etc. Don’t accept mediocrity.


Shout about what you are doing – Customers.

We still see organisations failing to fully leverage their carbon programme in their markets. Do you publicise your carbon & environmental results and put these is easily digestible but quantitative format that a Sustainability Report provides. Have you leveraged your carbon reduction targets, any carbon offsetting you do … photos, text & facts will all make very tangible and underline what you are doing  


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