Weekly Tips

Ideas and advice to help you improve your sustainability

We are often asked what you as an individual can do to be more sustainable. However, we understand that few people can implement such behavioural changes all in one go. Therefore, we decided to supply our tips in weekly segments. Each week we will suggest two pieces of ideas and advice to help you reduce your carbon emissions and environmental impact in your daily lives.

Week 1

Challenge yourself to set a resolution that will really make a difference to you and the planet!

As it is the first week, we thought we would give you simple suggestions that will ease you into the process and set you up for the year:

1. Measure your carbon - this will help you get a better idea of your impact and which areas you should focus upon to reduce it.

Use our free online calculator to get you started.

2. Set a carbon reduction target - setting yourself a goal gives you something to strive for and enables you to track your progress, so that this time next year you can see just how much you have achieved!

Week 2

With Theresa May's plans to eradicate all avoidable plastic waste by 2042, we all still need to do our bit to reduce our use of plastic!

Plastic waste is devastating to the environment and wildlife, as highlighted in Blue Planet 2. Over the weeks, we will include suggestions to reduce your plastic waste and environmental impact, here are two easy ones to start:

1.  Say no to straws - According to ITV, 8.5 billion straws are used (and then thrown out) each year in the UK. Yet, this is one of the most avoidable single use plastics, simply ask not to have a straw with your drink and viola, you have reduced your plastic waste with very little effort. 

2. Avoid plastic food wrapping - Try and select the produce with the least packaging such as fresh bread which comes in paper bags instead of plastic. If you can, go to a local farmers market (remembering to take your own bag) where it is easiest to purchase plastic free food.

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